From The Principal


Sorrento Primary School is the southern-most school on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, and has served the students of the local area for more than 145 years on several different sites. Its current setting is in attractive grounds near the centre of the historic Sorrento township. Current enrolment is 320.


School values are Respect, Integrity, Persistence, Collaboration, Learning and Resilience.


Multi-age classrooms are used from year 1-6. Multi-age classes are restricted to two year levels. A teamwork approach to curriculum planning promotes consistency of delivery throughout the entire school. Programs of assistance are provided to students experiencing difficulty with reading, writing and numeracy; this includes Levelled Literacy Intervention and Get Reading Right  as required.


Students are encouraged to become more self aware as learners through the Building Learning Power program. They work, with their peers and teachers to develop the habits of a successful learner and to appreciate that they can continually improve theses habits.


Art, Music, Science (STEM) and Physical Education are taken as specialist subject areas. The school has a strong music program including two school choirs, a school band and an instrumental program. In years 5 and 6 students have access to the Options Program where they choose from a variety of workshops; this allows them to follow a passion or learn new skills and develop new understandings.


Indonesian is taught from Foundation (Prep) to Year 6.


The school’s guiding principles are to provide a high quality education through a curriculum that has breadth, depth and relevance. The school is strongly committed to empowering children by placing an emphasis on literacy and numeracy and catering to the special needs and abilities of each student.


There is a whole school approach to student wellbeing and management, with all staff taking on a shared responsibility for all students. All staff use a Restorative Justice approach to assist students to resolve issues and restore relationships. In addition the Bounce Back program is used and regular circle time takes place. Interested Year 5/6 students are trained as Peacemakers; they assist younger students solve minor playground issues.


The Building the Education Revolution program allowed the school to build a flexible learning facility (completed in August of 2011), comprising of six home bases, staff offices and a library.


Access to computers and tablets is extensive. Each classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard.


The school has grounds for sport and recreation as well as a solar heated swimming pool. Parents and community members are always made welcome in the school, with volunteers being a vital aspect of the daily life.